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 Guild re built

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PostSubject: Guild re built   Guild re built Icon_minitimeSun Oct 22, 2006 4:29 pm

Guild re build,

The rank system in the guild the way it is done now was very good for a long time but it does not work good enough for the size guild that we have become.

We will add two ranks Counsel Member, and Class Leader.

The Ranking in the guild will be like this.

Guild Master
Counsel Member
Class leader
Jr initiate

The responsibility’s off the classes will be.

GM, will be able to veto everything, meaning if the GM does not agree with a decision in the guild it will not happen.

High Counsel Member
All major changes in the guild must be approved bye all High Counsel Member’s, A High Counsel Member will also be able to kick you from the guild, give warnings and invite people who have applied for the guild. Yes new Jr initiates will have to fill have to fill out an application form on the forum and 5 days after application they can join the guild (when no Officer or High Counsel Member rejects the application)

Officers will have the same ability as a High Counsel Member, but he can not kick you from the guild. He can however recommend that you have to be kicked and this will be taken very serious bye the High Counsel Member or the GM.

Class leader
The responsibility’s of a class leader are, make sure that new players in your class know where they need to go for class quests, make sure that people are attuned for MC, and if there not make some groups to do so.
In short you will be a guide for your class to help them get trough the game.
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PostSubject: Re: Guild re built   Guild re built Icon_minitimeSat Nov 11, 2006 8:37 pm

ok can you explain who is what pls?
maybe i can help out in some way?
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Guild re built
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