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 Moroes tactic

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PostSubject: Moroes tactic   Moroes tactic Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2007 12:37 pm

if u lokking for a tactic for moroes, check []
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PostSubject: Moroes tactic   Moroes tactic Icon_minitimeWed Jun 06, 2007 2:01 pm


The main problem in this fight is add control. The secondary difficulty comes from Moroes' Garrote.
The pull can be executed by the main tanks, without much finesse. It is imperative that two tanks have high aggro from Moroes at all times (because of Moroes' Gouge).
As many adds as possible should be crowd controlled. This can be accomplished by use of shackle, paladins' fear (Turn Undead), Freezing Trap and by kiting. Each of these methods has its drawbacks: shackles can break early or be dispelled by some of the other mobs, fear can drive the adds out of the room and thus reset the fight, and all kiting tactics require great skill by the kiter. If CC breaks, the mobs must not run free for long, as many of them can easily one shot cloth-wearers or heal Moroes. It is recommended to apply shackle every 5 seconds or so. If an add does break loose, a tank should taunt it; however he should not attack since the crowd control will ideally be reapplied soon. Also be aware that the paladins can cast blessings on the Moroes and his entourage, so be ready to dispel or purge.
The remaining uncontrolled adds should be killed quickly. If you manage to kite the add which is due to be killed, a third tank is not imperative (examples: crippling poison from a rogue and DPS from a mage or ice effects from a mage and DPS from a warlock).
It is a good idea to kill the priest(s) first, because they go down fastest (just make sure to interrupt all heals and mana burns). The warriors are very tough, so they are good candidates for CC.
Two tanks are needed on Moroes. The off-tank should consistently remain second on the aggro list, because after a gouge Moroes will turn to the person with the second-highest aggro. When a tank is blinded, it needs to be removed immediately by a Shaman, Paladin or Druid (it is a poison). If no one in the raid can remove poison, the main tank should turn his back to Moroes to avoid being gouged. If the off-tank is blinded and main tank is gouged, Moroes will run off into the healers or DPS.
Periodically, Moroes vanishes and upon returning garrotes a random raid member. This garrote limits the time available for this fight, because sooner or later the healers will run OOM. DPS must be high enough to bring him down before healer mana runs out.

Well this should do it,,,see u when i see u

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Moroes tactic
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