EU Arathor - PVE
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EU Arathor - PVE

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 Hello all

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Hello all Empty
PostSubject: Hello all   Hello all Icon_minitimeFri Oct 06, 2006 9:56 am

well i think its time to put some thought behind the joker on ts lol!

I have 9 chars on arathor eu horde.

Vicotnik lvl 60 tank
Ceralion lvl 60 hunter
Lethniel lvl 60 Druid (to be honest i dunno how long i will stay with this toon )
Hilda lvl 44 warlock
Dwarfbutcher lvl 41 priest
Kurgette lvl 41 shaman
Guttrippa lvl 36 rogue
Gormol lvl 32 warrior (twink)
Ghoulette lvl 12 mage (bank alt)
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Hello all
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