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 Improving RDE

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PostSubject: Improving RDE   Improving RDE Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2007 9:45 pm

Hi all,

Although I am logged as Dopjes, you may know me best as Altu´n. I have been in this guild for sometime now and there are somethings which i kinda miss in the guild. Therefore i want to address them and let you respond on how it can be improved.

1st. Helping each other
I kinda start to wonder how we can improve that. People who just reach 70 or want to level fast need some help on quests. Also the experience of getting new people help improving their character. Not te be confused on helping item farming. I have been playing WoW for over 2 years now and i know from experience that reaching lvl 70 does not mean you know all the tricks of your character. Therefore i would like to see some more guild parties doing instances (and not just have the single goal to get into Legacy pls)
Boosts for a specific item, like an SM or RFD run, i personally dislike. I tend to look at people as lazy (cause of a lot of bad experiences). I also fail to see the benefit of an item run which is useless after 4 or 5 lvl's. 4 or 5 lvl's can be done in a weeks time, so my point is, it is a short lived hapiness.
Difference on TBC and none TBC. When i see a request coming from a near 60 for Scholo, strat or DiM, I can't tell whether you have TBC or not. So please concider that non TBC can get good stuff out of those places while they are useless pretty quick for TBC players.

2nd. The Legacy and RDE difference
Although Legacy and RDE should be considered part of each other, I would like to see RDE as a school for Legacy. I really wonder whether the understanding of hardcore raiding goes as far as understanding that it can cost you 100g while you gain nothing out of the raid cause you are trying a new boss. Especially when things get harder, you need to carry a lot of different gear and pots to even get to a specific boss. I get the feeling people concider Legacy as a possibility to raid get new gear fast and therefore the single goal of getting lvl 70. Is it possible to get into Legacy when you have proven you can control you character and really want to be in Legacy cause you have the time and want to put the effort in making Legacy a die hard raiding guild?

3rd. Raiding itself
I am coming from a guild which did 3 40 (MC, BWL, AQ40, Naxx, OL) man raids a week and do 2 20 (ZG, AQ20) man raids on the other days. Sometimes even more. The set-up of the raids was like we do started as a sign in. The raids had a raid leader, tactical, assist and class leaders. The also had different channels for different classes. Why? Well cause of the following (consider new boss encounters and not allowed to use guides):
Raid leader, Tactical and assist, had specific tasks in controlling and able to address the issues of 40 people. They also chose the tactic to be chosen to try next. They communicated via a raid channel which tactic they would follow so the class leaders could design tactics of that specific class. The classes were devided in: Healers, Melee, ranged. Becuase of these channels, specific class issues could be discussed without disturbing raid chat. Also tactical could listen in and see what issues they encountered. An example of the benefit of this channel was that a specific healer could be assigned to a tank. all healers knew. The puller (hunter) knew what to do for that tank. Raid chat was virtually only filled with raid info.
The last channel created was a chat channel so people could have fun. It also allowed poeple to leave that channel cause of the amount of text 40 people could produce:)
So my question here, is there something usefull by using these channels so we can use them per class? Even think of lower levels having questions on improving their char (when the channel will not be used for raiding)

Please feel free to comment.

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PostSubject: Re: Improving RDE   Improving RDE Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2007 2:24 pm

mate... i 100% agree with you Very Happy

i have seen players who have just reached lvl 70, then skipping RDE for Legacy, because they want gear.
I see a guild as a social ring of people, who are willing to help each other and do fun stuff (like the crazy lvl 60 festival quest i did with Eeva yesterday)
I have been guilded in the RDE almost since it was born, and all my alts have never been in any different guild.
I like the guild very much, and so i want it to be, but... Raiding... This is a part of the game that i want RDE to do, so i ask all level 70's in the RDE and the upcoming ones: Please, don't leave for Legacy, they already got assloads of players, and i seriously doubt they need any more people just to endgame raid. They will never get any further than Karazhan if newcomers in the guild needs to go there for gear, to go to serpentshrine or whatever, that the guild hardcore part just advanced to. The newcomers need the hardcore part to even do progress in Karazhan, so if the Legacy veterans keep staying in Karazhan, getting gear for new members in the guild, the guild will freeze. Ain't I right? bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Improving RDE   Improving RDE Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2007 2:45 pm

partly i would agree with u m8, but its not that RDE is our main source of new players razor.
We take more care over an RDE apply then with an outsider, but that doesnt say that will be an advantage for the applyer Razz

If u guys want 2 raid that badly, why dont u make more signups then, and more importantly... why dont u signup when other people plan raids?
I think that was the main reason Legacy was formed, the lack of interest of alot of players?


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PostSubject: Re: Improving RDE   Improving RDE Icon_minitime

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Improving RDE
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