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 Zg- for old times sake:D

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Zg- for old times sake:D Empty
PostSubject: Zg- for old times sake:D   Zg- for old times sake:D Icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2007 1:04 am

Well guys i thought about it and im up for another Zg raid.

Date? Saturday 17:00, (wow time)noticed i made it earlier so u don't moan that u cant come cause of kara:p
Objective : have fun ^^ it wont be hardcore seroius raid we will try to have fun..

leading: i am on my rogue, he will be stealthing in the back so he wont aggro dw:p

so far il be using rw to do the leading and such.. il see how that goes but if communication gets stuck and we have a few gm's and officers in the raid.. and they got a mike then we can change that.

Hope to see you all there .. for old times sake.

whats needed?? YOU Smile

some notes.. if we cant get 20, we will not do hakkar, if we do manage to get 20, yeah sure why not Very Happy
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Zg- for old times sake:D Empty
PostSubject: Good idea   Zg- for old times sake:D Icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2007 1:31 am

I did ZG today on my 60 shaman. We pwned hakkar ^^ got him to 13% with just 13 people :-O then got 7 more and pwned him ^^

Was alot of fun, but I was raid leader and it was partly a pug, so it gave me a headache... how Fallen/Beyrek managed to lead our joint raids (RDE and Vendetta) a couple of months ago without going insane, I don't understand ^^

I'll try to be there, and if we need I can bring Zalko.
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Zg- for old times sake:D
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