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Doomwalker is one of the two outdoor raid bosses introduced in The Burning Crusade. He patrols the road in front of the Black Temple in Shadowmoon Valley. You can bring a raid of up to 40 players for this encounter. Depending on your level of gear, you may need anywhere from 20 (or less) to 40.

Overview & Preparation
Doomwalker is a 2 stage encounter, the first between 100%-20% and an "enraged" stage from 20% to 0%. While the first stage is about control and minimizing losses, the second stage is about maximum DPS while keeping the tanks alive. Due to his abilities, everyone in the raid is required to have over 8000 HP, therefore stamina gear, buffs and consumables are highly desirable, while DPS/healing/regen potions and elixirs have a smaller impact.

Group Composition
Tanks, particularly warriors, are highly desirable for this encounter. While 4 tanks are sufficient, 6 are recommended, with every additional tank further simplifying the encounter. Using and constantly keeping Commanding Shout refreshed will help the raid get over the 8000 HP mark. As with any encounters with area of effect damage attacks, area of effect healing effects are very effective, making priests the ideal healing class for this encounter. An overabundance of melee DPS is detrimental due to attacks that chain from player to player when in close proximity. Bring no more than 6 melee DPS class members.


"Lightning Wrath"

Lightning Wrath hits a random target in the raid, within a 100 yard range. It inflicts between 1700-2300 nature damage, but arcs to another nearby enemy inflicting greater nature damage to each successive target. If all players space out leaving more than 8 yards between each other, Lightning Wrath will only hit 1 player.

Earthquake is Doomwalker's main damage dealing ability. It does 2000 damage every 2 seconds, for 8 seconds, to every player in a 100 yard range, also knocking them down. This ability has a 1 minute cooldown.

Overrun causes Doomwalker to wipe his aggro table and run around the raid at 100% increased movement speed. With his aggro table wiped, he can hit people in his melee range that perform aggro-generating abilities, such as healing, melee attacks or offensive spells before another tank picks him up.

"Sunder Armor"
Doomwalker will periodically apply a stacking debuff to his main target that reduces armor by 10% per application.

"Enrage"Under 20% HP Doomwalker enrages, dealing increased melee damage. As of the 2.0.8 patch, his enrage no longer amplifies the damage caused by Earthquake and Lightning Wrath.

"Mark of Death"
Upon killing a player, Doomwalker applies the debuff "Mark of Death" which lasts for 15 minutes. Doomwalker's "Aura of Death" instantly kills any player with the debuff within a 100 yard range of Doomwalker. Note that the Mark of Death debuff does not tick down while players are offline.



As mentioned before, all players in the raid need a high HP pool. Improved Fort, Mark of the Wild, warlock imp and improved Commanding Shout are the most important buffs. Apart from +stamina food and drinks, Elixirs of Mastery also increase player hit points. Pairing up warriors with paladins for Devotion Aura will reduce the damage taken by the tanks.

The Pull
Warriors should Bloodrage and Commanding shout a few seconds before the pull to maximize its duration. A hunter should use Misdirect on the main tank, who should position Doomwalker in the middle of the raid, while everyone else spreads out around him in their predetermined positions as described below.

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Two "main tanks" keep Doomwalker positioned in the middle of the raid, while the 8 groups spread out in a circle around him, at the N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW positions. 4 "off tanks" are spread around the raid, at the N, S, E and W positions. It is important that players are spaced out at 8 yards or more from each other in order to avoid Lightning Wrath from arcing. To achieve this, everyone should stand at the maximum range of their abilities, in order to maximize available space. Spacing out is obviously impossible in melee range when there are more than 4 melee class members. For groups with more melee, the 2 "main" tanks, rogues and feral druids can pair up with pairs of 2 sitting on top of each other. Lightning Wrath will chain and hit 2 people every time, but that is manageable in terms of healing. Melee being distributed randomly will result in multiple targets being hit and killed.

Fight Progression
With Doomwalker tanked in the middle of the raid all players must be kept at full HP so they can survive the 8000 damage Earthquake. During Overrun it is important that damage stops until one of the off tanks can Taunt Doomwalker and bring him back to the middle of the raid. Here, one of the main tanks can Taunt and take over. Due to the Sunder Armor ability, the two main tanks must switch between them using Taunt, to allow the debuff to tick off. Tanks with more than 3 stacks of the debuff should not Taunt until their debuff has worn off. Melee DPS, especially in melee-heavy groups, should not attempt to chase Doomwalker around during or after an Overrun. Doing so clusters too many players in the same area, causing deaths from Lightning Wrath. Instead, melee DPS should wait for one of the main tanks to reposition Doomwalker in the middle of the raid. Lightning Wrath can target and chain off combat pets, therefore these should not be used. As with all outdoor raid bosses it is possible to run away, out of combat, to eat and drink. This can also be used to avoid Earthquake damage for groups with fewer healers. Flying back in on an epic flying mount reduces downtime. Below 20% the damage output increases significantly, with Doomwalker occasionally hitting tanks for over 10,000 damage. The use of cooldowns such as Shield Wall and Last Stand, or consumables such as Nightmare Seed is essential to ensure survival for the final 20%. If players die, the best approach is not to resurrect until Mark of Death has worn off. Doomwalker will instantly kill players that approach him while affected by the debuff.

Tank Comments
All warrior tanks should keep Commanding Shout refreshed for the duration of the fight. Off tanks must not come into melee range to build aggro, that is not necessary since Doomwalker is Taunt-able. Instead, they should stand in their assigned position (N, S, E or W) waiting to Taunt during an Overrun. After a Taunt they should run towards the middle of the raid, where the MT without a Sunder Armor stack should Taunt Doomwalker off them.

Healer Comments
Keep everyone's HP as close to full as possible. Priests should use Prayer of Healing during Earthquakes, while healers in groups without priests should decide beforehand who they will heal within their 5-man group, to avoid overhealing 1 person while leaving another one to die. Albeit on a long cooldown, Tranquility is a very effective means of keeping a group up during an Earthquake. During Overruns, stop healing until a tank has Taunted, as healing aggro can get Doomwalker's attention very easily. Be prepared for the damage spikes below 20% and prioritize keeping the tanks up before healing the group.

DPS Comments
Same as with healers, DPS needs to stop during an Overrun and allow the tank a few seconds to build aggro. Remember that the priority during the 100%-20% phase is staying alive, not maximum DPS. Do not risk pulling aggro, and always save cooldowns for the 20%-0% stage. If your healer is low on mana, run out of Earthquake range to prevent taking damage.

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