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 Hi, 53 warrior .. (darkiorc)

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Hi, 53 warrior .. (darkiorc) Empty
PostSubject: Hi, 53 warrior .. (darkiorc)   Hi, 53 warrior .. (darkiorc) Icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2007 4:40 pm

Name: Darkiorc



Is this your main character y/n: yes Razz

If no what is the level/class of your main: Wink

Your date of birth :16/02 - 1993

What is your proffesion (incl. lvl), do u have any special patterns/recipes:Blacksmith - 0 right now - I dont have choose the other my, because my brother have mining, so he give me the items..

What instances/raids have you done before? All up for lvl 53!

What is your current level build and the stats on your equip you aim for? and why did you pick this build/equip? i dont speak so good english, dont understand this question..

Can u tell us something about your class and your role in instances and on raids? Dont have done some raid instance .. but im lucky Razz

How do u prepare for a raid? (name 3 things):CT_Raid , TS , Cosmus..

Are u attuned for Karazhan and what keys do you have for heroic instances? nope Razz

Why do you want to join the Red Dragon Enforcers? because my brother and cusin is in this gulid , and i got some friends in TRDE ..

What guild(s) have you been in, and what is the reason u left? THoD, DD , Wrath of horde...
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Hi, 53 warrior .. (darkiorc)
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