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EU Arathor - PVE

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PostSubject: Application   Application Icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2007 6:16 pm

If your not attuned for karazan dont bother to make this application

name : Bersa

class : Mage

level : 70

Is this your main charachter? y/n : Yes

Your date of birth : 05/01/90

What is your proffesion ( inc.lvl ), do you have any special patterns/recipie : Tailoring- 375 Enchanting- stuck at 104 First aid- 375
I have the pattern for arcanoweave robe, not incredibly special but it isn't vendor crap:)

What instance/raid have you done before ( including the pre bc) : Trash in ZG and downed first boss in aq 20 I've done Netherspite and Attumen, yet I know the entire Aran fight. Didn't get too serious before the release of BC

Whats your talent build, and why : 10/48/3 Ultimate fire mage pve build. Period.

What keys do you have ( heroic ) if not tell how far you are with the faction:
Got Keepers of time, Thrallmar, Tempest Keep. Need 2k rep for coilfang and 9k for Auchinodun.

How do you prepair for a raid ( name 3 things ) : Repair, bring required pots and food, and bring a good mood.

With's instance are you attuned for ( example naxxs, karazan ) : Karazhan attuned.

Why do you wanne join Legacy : To raid and build up a strong and stabile guild from almost scratch:)

What(s) guild have you been in, and what's the reson you left ? : War Frenzy- Only managed to down attumen Conviction- Too hardcore for me I guess was found too inexperienced. Premade- Too hungarian xD Alliance Defiance- Good guild but I want to do well when I'm raiding and their B-team isn't matching my hopes and expectations.

You can raid on with's day's : Every day.

Sharing account : I have a friend who shares an account with me. No problem with that though.

Gear profile ( link armory with rite pve gear on plz ) :

Addons you use : I got too many to list 'em but I got all the necessary ones Deadly Boss, Ktm, CT-raid. And I have teamspeak as well ofc.

Any1 in the guild that know's you or any1 that can recomand you ? : Not that I know of.

Any experience as a leader ( guild master, class leader, raid leader ) ? : Nope.

Do you have a stable internet connection ( just so we know ) ? : Yes.

How is your RL situacion ( work/ school etc affect your playtime ) ? : I'm still in school and will still be for the next 6 years(oh the horror) but that doesn't affect anything. Two seperate things, they never interfere.

Last but not least important some info about you ( like hobby's kid's ect. ) ? : I'm an extemely good athlete, if I can say so myself, I play both football and handball.
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PostSubject: Re: Application   Application Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2007 12:45 pm

accepted, and got a invite already

Application 632508ZbmRK

Rammer - 70 ud warrior
Beyonder - 70 cow huntard
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