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 Hansun 70 Resto Shaman

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PostSubject: Hansun 70 Resto Shaman   Hansun 70 Resto Shaman Icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2007 6:04 pm

name : Hansun

class :Shaman

level :70

Is this your main character? y/n : yes


Real name:Rasmus

Your date of birth :11/10/83

Country / city:Denmark


What is your proffesion ( inc.lvl ), do you have any special patterns/recipe :Enchanting 327 atm/Herbing 390

What (raid)instances have you done before ( including the pre bc) : Well on this char i have to say i havent done any. But on My old Main (70 Human Rogue) i have done Full MC/BWL/ZG/KZ/Grull's Lair. And half of AQ 40.

Whats your talent build, and why : Full Resto becoz i find it fun to heal.

What keys do you have ( heroic ) if not tell how far you are with the faction: Have key for Hellfire and Coilfang atm but working on it all the time. (you can see how far i am whit other rep in the armory link further down)

How do you prepair for a raid ( name 3 things ) : Get full repaired buy pots needed and read up on tactics/bosses

What instances are you attuned for (example naxx, karazan ): KZ

Why do you want to join Legacy : Well i have been looking for a raiding guild for some time and Lagacy seems to be the one best for me

What guild(s) have you been in, and what's the reason you left ? : Pretty Vacant. Left becoz i had been away from Arathor for to long so dident realy fell like i belonged there anymore.

You can raid on what day's : mostly all days but i think i whould go for 3-4 days a week

Sharing account : Nope

Gear profile ( link armory with right pve gear on plz ) :

Addons : Alot Smile got a UI pack whit all raiding addons needed (boss mods and so on)

Anyone in the guild that know's you and can recomand you ? :Not that i can think of

Any experience as a leader ( guild master, class leader, raid leader ) ? :Was Rogue CL for a While on my old main.

Do you have a stable internet connection ? :Yes i Do

How is your RL situation ( work/ school etc affect your playtime ) ? :Well i got plenty of time to play i whould say ofcoz RL allways comes first.

Last but not least important, some info about you ( like hobby's kid's ect. ) ? :Hmm well not much to say realy i'm 23 years old live together whit my GF and i guess my hobby is WoW Smile i have no kids.

Well guess that was all for now if you should have any questions fell free to ask here or in-game. looking forward to hear from you.

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PostSubject: Re: Hansun 70 Resto Shaman   Hansun 70 Resto Shaman Icon_minitimeTue Sep 11, 2007 1:49 am

Accepted for trial.

Welcome mate Smile
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Hansun 70 Resto Shaman
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