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 My re-application

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PostSubject: My re-application   My re-application Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 4:10 pm

So i read that you are recruiting new members for Legacy...
So here i go again...

name : Razortooth

class : Warrior

level : 70

Is this your main charachter? y/n : yes

Your date of birth: 7/10/1992

What is your proffesion ( inc.lvl ), do you have any special patterns/recipie : Only got first aid Embarassed

What instance/raid have you done before ( including the pre bc) : All pre-tbc, all tbc ones (excluding mana-tombs though) but, never been in kara, but have done MC, ZG and BWL (only to first boss though XD)

Whats your talent build, and why : protection mainly, because i want to raid and be important in instances Smile

What keys do you have ( heroic ) if not tell how far you are with the faction: Dont need much rep with lower city, around 2k rep for that, got time keepers heroic, 4000/12000 with sha'tar, and 7000/12000 with thrallmar. For coilfaing, i need kinda much rep as i havnt done those instances much.

How do you prepair for a raid ( name 3 things ) : Repair (when i dont forget, lol) Bring potions, and read guides on instances and bosses.

With's instance are you attuned for ( example naxxs, karazan ) : MC, BWL and Karazhan

Why do you want to join Legacy : I want to raid and get to experience the raiding side of WoW, as i have never actually done that.

What guild(s) have you been in, and what's the reason you left ? : Some low level guilds when i started playing. 1 and a half year ago i joined RDE, and have stayed ever since.

You can raid on what day's : Saturday, Friday and sometimes the other days.

Sharing account : Nope

Gear profile ( link armory with right pve gear on plz ) : Look at my signature, u'll find it there.

Addons you use : Do you really want me to list the lot? Smile

Any1 in the guild that know's you or any1 that can recomand you ? : Pretty much all of you, and yesterday in BWL gorgraellis called me a great tank :O

Any experience as a leader ( guild master, class leader, raid leader ) ? : Does party leader in instances count?

Do you have a stable internet connection ( just so we know ) ? : yup

How is your RL situacion ( work/ school etc affect your playtime ) ? : well, as u might know, i still go to school as im only 15 (i turn that tomorrow :O)

Last but not least important, some info about you ( like hobby's kid's ect. ) ? : I like reading books, i love spending a little time with my cat, and ofc playing WoW... When i dont play WoW i hang out with ma friends.

I do hope this one gets through... IF not, i will stay in the RDE and help Altu´n and the others with improving the guild, recruiting n' stuff...
IF this gets through, RDE... dont think i wont remember you, i will always hang around in the channel and be ready to help. Altu´n m8, sorry if im letting you down by joining Legacy... Hope you will understand
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PostSubject: Re: My re-application   My re-application Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 6:41 pm

Razortooth Cool

I must say i like ur spirit, seems u are very eager to join.

My re-application 632508ZbmRK

Rammer - 70 ud warrior
Beyonder - 70 cow huntard
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PostSubject: Re: My re-application   My re-application Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 6:44 pm

we are full for warriors for 1
and to my oppinion you don`t fit in legacy.
aplication denied .
topic closed
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PostSubject: Re: My re-application   My re-application Icon_minitime

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My re-application
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